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Full Moons of the Year

For those embarking on the path of beginner witchcraft, the allure and power of the full moon are undeniable. Each full moon throughout the year carries its own unique energy and symbolism, offering a monthly opportunity for practitioners to engage in meaningful Luna spells and rituals. In this guide, we will explore the significance of each full moon and how you can harness its power in your magical practice. Don't forget to check out our "Lunar Spell Craft" book, available for sale, for an in-depth exploration of moon-based magic.

January: The Wolf Moon

  • Meaning: Named after the howling wolves, the Wolf Moon symbolizes protection and strength. It's a time for setting intentions for the year ahead.
  • Luna Spells: Focus on spells for guidance and clarity, asking the moon to illuminate your path forward.

February: The Snow Moon

  • Meaning: The Snow Moon reflects purification and transformation, mirroring the quiet, introspective nature of winter.
  • Luna Spells: Use this time for purification rituals or spells for inner strength and resilience.

March: The Worm Moon

  • Meaning: Signifying the arrival of spring, the Worm Moon is about new beginnings and rebirth.
  • Luna Spells: Engage in spells for growth and new opportunities, planting seeds for future endeavors.

April: The Pink Moon

  • Meaning: Named for the pink flowers of spring, this moon symbolizes joy and renewal.
  • Luna Spells: Perform spells for joy, romance, and spiritual awakening.

May: The Flower Moon

  • Meaning: The Flower Moon celebrates abundance, fertility, and the full bloom of life.
  • Luna Spells: Focus on abundance and fertility spells, asking for blessings in various aspects of life.

June: The Strawberry Moon

  • Meaning: This moon marks the peak of summer, symbolizing love and the sweet fruits of your labor.
  • Luna Spells: Conduct love spells, or spells for gratitude, acknowledging the sweetness in your life.

July: The Buck Moon

  • Meaning: Named for when bucks grow new antlers, this moon represents transformation and new growth.
  • Luna Spells: Work on transformation spells, particularly those that foster personal growth and strength.

August: The Sturgeon Moon

  • Meaning: The Sturgeon Moon, named after the abundant fish, symbolizes prosperity and sustenance.
  • Luna Spells: Focus on spells for prosperity, abundance, and physical well-being.

September: The Harvest Moon

  • Meaning: The Harvest Moon is a time of gratitude, reaping what has been sown, and preparation for the colder months.
  • Luna Spells: Engage in spells for protection, abundance, and gratitude.

October: The Hunter’s Moon

  • Meaning: This moon is about preparation and storing resources for the winter months.
  • Luna Spells: Perform spells for protection, strength, and preparing for the future.

November: The Beaver Moon

  • Meaning: Named for the time beavers prepare for winter, it symbolizes hard work and preparation.
  • Luna Spells: Focus on spells for perseverance, and for completing tasks and projects.

December: The Cold Moon

  • Meaning: The Cold Moon represents the deep, introspective energy of winter, a time for rest and reflection.
  • Luna Spells: Engage in spells for peace, rest, and reflection, embracing the quiet of the season.


Each full moon offers a unique opportunity for those practicing beginner witchcraft to deepen their connection with the lunar energies. By understanding the specific energies and themes of each full moon, you can tailor your Luna spells to align with these cycles, enhancing your magical practice. For further exploration of moon magic, consider our "Lunar Spell Craft" book, a perfect companion for your lunar journey. May your path be illuminated by the ever-changing yet always inspiring light of the moon. Blessed be!

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