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Cord Cutting: What is it and Why Would I Need to Cut Cords with Someone?

Have you ever felt persistently weighed down by the memory of a person or a past experience, even when they're no longer a part of your life? This lingering connection might be more than just emotional – it could be an energetic cord. In the mystical realm, cord cutting is a practice designed to liberate you from these unseen ties. Let's explore what cord cutting is, why it's necessary, and how you can use it to free yourself from unwanted emotional and energetic bonds.

Understanding Cord Cutting

  1. The Concept: Cord cutting is an energetic practice used to sever negative, draining, or outdated connections with others. These 'cords' are unseen, but powerful, links formed between individuals, often due to intense emotional or psychic interactions.
  2. The Energetic Bonds: These cords can exist between you and anyone you've had a significant interaction with, be it a family member, friend, lover, or even an adversary. They represent the flow of energy and emotions between you and the other person.
  3. Why Cut Cords: These energetic links can sometimes hold you back, keeping you tied to past traumas, negative patterns, or unhealthy relationships. Cutting these cords can be liberating, helping you to move forward with a renewed sense of freedom and clarity.

When and Why to Cut Cords

  1. After a Breakup or Loss: Cord cutting is particularly effective after a romantic breakup, the end of a friendship, or the loss of a loved one, helping you to process grief and move on.
  2. Releasing Negative Influences: If you're feeling drained, stuck, or negatively influenced by someone from your past, cutting cords can help reclaim your energy and autonomy.
  3. Personal Growth: Sometimes, we need to let go of past versions of ourselves. Cord cutting can aid in this process, helping you to release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve your highest good.

How to Perform a Cord Cutting Ritual

  1. Preparing Your Space: Find a quiet, comfortable space. You might want to cleanse the area with sage or palo santo to create a sacred, purified environment.
  2. The Ritual Process: Visualize the cord that connects you to the person or experience. You may use a physical representation like a string or ribbon. As you focus on the cord, clearly state your intention to release this connection for your highest good. Then, symbolically 'cut' the cord.
  3. After the Ritual: It's important to ground yourself. Engage in self-care practices such as meditation, spending time in nature, or journaling to process your emotions and solidify your intentions.


Cord cutting is a powerful tool in the journey of self-discovery and healing. It's about taking control of your emotional and energetic well-being, allowing you to break free from past attachments and step into a brighter, more empowered future. Remember, this practice is deeply personal and should be approached with intention and respect. May your path to emotional freedom be enlightened with wisdom and strength.

After performing cord-cutting if you feel you are still not feeling yourself please get in touch with Lilli at Emgoic. As a fellow Witch and Light Healer she can help you find any more ties or ancestral healing that needs to be performed and facilitate this for you. Contact her via email at or visit her website emogic - Emotional Magic Blessed be. 

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