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10 Signs You've Been Hexed: Unraveling the Tangled Webs

Today we're going to chat over a steaming cup of herbal tea about a topic that's a bit thorny—recognizing when you've been hexed. It's a bit like realizing you've caught a cold; you feel off, things aren't right, and you know deep down that something has to change. So let's walk through the signs together, shall we?

Here are 10 signs you’ve been hexed:

  1. A String of Bad Luck: It's like walking under a ladder and breaking a mirror while a black cat crosses your path—repeatedly. If misfortune seems to follow you like an unshakable shadow, it could be a sign.
  1. Unexplained Fatigue: Feeling drained? Like someone's left your energy tap on? If you're getting your full eight hours and still yawning away your days, something might be amiss.
  2. Emotional Rollercoasters: If your emotions are swinging like a pendulum with no cause, it's like someone's playing a fiddle with your heartstrings. Not the sweet serenade we want, is it?
  3. Troubles in Relationships: Suddenly, those around you seem to be stepping back, as if you're a jigsaw puzzle that's become a tad too complicated. If relationships are fraying for no good reason, take note.
  4. Technological Mishaps: Phones going haywire, computers crashing without a techy tantrum, or your toaster giving you the cold shoulder by refusing to toast—could be more than just a coincidence.
  5. Nightmares: If your dreams have taken a turn for the grim and you're waking up feeling like you've run a marathon in your sleep, it might be a sign.
  6. Health Hiccups: Little aches and pains, that new mole you're sure wasn't there yesterday, or a sudden dislike for your favorite foods. If your body's sending out SOS signals, listen closely.
  7. Strange Marks on Your Body: Bruises appearing like little plum badges of honor without any bumps or falls, or scratches you can't explain—it's as if you've been ghost-pinched.
  8. Unusual Paranormal Activity: Doors creaking open, whispers in the wind, or that eerie feeling of being watched. It's not always just a draft or a figment of your imagination.
  9. Intuition Ringing Alarm Bells: Trust that inner witchy sense, my loves. If your gut is telling you that something's not right, it's probably time to pay attention.

Now, if you're nodding along and ticking off these signs, don't fret. Remember, knowledge is power. Recognizing the signs is the first step to shaking off that unwanted energy. There are as many ways to cleanse and protect as there are stars in the sky, and we'll explore them together, one spell at a time.

So, keep your chin up and your broomstick steady. Head over to our blog How to lift a hex to make a start on balancing your energy once again.

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